About me


Hi, I’m Blogger Dad Enda. I blog on parenting matters mainly, but as you will see if you stick around for a bit I have opinions and thoughts on all sorts of things!

I put up a new post very Monday — so keep an eye out.

A newspaper sub-editor for many years,  I  am also a content writer and feature writer and I still sub-edit.

Here is a guide to my Home page:

FAMILY LIFE: Posts relating to me as father, son and husband. Family-life

PERSONAL: Posts on life, the universe and whatever. Aside-pieces

WORK WITH ME: That’s me pitching for content writing work.  Content-Writer 

PUBLISHED: Some of my journalistic work in national Irish newspapers and magazines. Feature-writer

SPORTING: Articles/blog posts with a sporting theme. Sports-writer

POLITICAL: Blog posts on public affairs at home and abroad. Opinion-pieces

SERIES: Let’s Move To was a weekly series I researched and wrote for the property section of the Irish Independent newspaper from March 2015 to December 2015. Each week I featured a different town or part of Dublin from the point of view of a family who would like to move there and wanted to know about local history, culture, schools and amenities, and the local property market.   Let’s-Move-To.

I wrote Home From Home weekly from January to March 2016. Each week I featured an attractive holiday bolthole in a scenic part of Ireland. Home-From-Home

Since you are here, why not take a ramble around my word garden? Or call back later when you have more time. Pick a few windfalls …  enjoy.

Contact me at: endas1896@gmail.com; twitter handle @endas1896; Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/enda.sheppard


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