About me

It’s tEndannewroughhe beginning of the Enda …

Welcome to my words … the musings of a happily married dad of two, a first year college student aged 19 and a boy aged 17 doing his Leaving Certificate in school.

Nowadays, I mostly leave my wife and kids out of it.

Why the blog? Well, I write and … fessing up, I want what I write to be read. And if I am being truly, truly honest,  engaged with.  I try to write eloquently and interestingly, and I love that feeling of sitting down and finding out what I am thinking, and sharing those thoughts and words, with you.

I often find myself lightening the darker side, and maybe darkening the lighter side at times too, and in my whimsy, I simultaneously marvel at and am aghast at this life!

Besides my blog, I am a newspaper sub-editor.

Here is a guide to my Home page:

FAMILY LIFE: Posts relating to me as father, son, and husband. For example: Parenting: it’s a kind of magic

MISCELLANEOUS: Post that don’t fall under Family Life! These include: Ordinary people are not as ordinary as you think

PERSONAL: Posts on life, the universe and whatever: Aside-pieces

PUBLISHED:: Some of my journalistic work in Irish newspapers and magazines, like: The Grand Passion of Con Houlihan

SPORTING: Articles/blog posts with a sporting theme. Soul murder with a seven-iron

POLITICAL: Me telling governments and world leaders what to do. Opinion-pieces

SERIES: Let’s Move To … was a weekly series I researched and wrote for the property section of the Irish Independent newspaper from March 2015 to December 2015. Each week I featured a different town, or Dublin suburb from the point of view of a family thinking of moving there, ie local history, culture, schools and amenities, and the local property market.  Let’s-Move-To.

I wrote Home From Home weekly from January to March 2016. Each week I featured an attractive holiday bolthole in a scenic part of Ireland. Home-From-Home

COME ON IN:  Do pop in and look around my little word garden. Pick up a few windfalls. Or call back later when you have time.

PRIVACY POLICY: Please note any email addresses or personal information that come to this site when you comment or follow my blog will not be used, disclosed or processed in any manner incompatible with the purpose for which it was obtained.

CONTACT ME: Email address: endas1896@gmail.com;

Twitter handle: @endas1896


16 comments on “About me

  1. You’re a great writer, I’m glad we connected on that FB group. Did you play jazz too?

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  2. This is a well organized about page. 😊

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  5. Pradeep

    Hi Enda,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog, and for your comments.
    Glad to connect with you.
    By the way, I also do editing, for a newspaper.
    Looking forward to your posts.
    Regards, Pradeep

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    • We have a lot in common, so! It has been an interesting experience working from home. Good when it’s good, but a nightmare when we have to get our IT people!


  6. The blog is looking great, Enda – love the articles 😉

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    • Howya Dave, good of you to say so … and History With A Twist back with a bang today!!

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      • It certainly is … just got savaged on Facebook for that article! The piece had to be removed by the person who shared it, such was the vitriol! Your blog is really good, congrats.

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      • Savaged, why? Hard to fathom that … you made a fair argument, presented it reasonably …


      • A Facebook friend has just had a 40-year friendship ended because of it – her ‘friend’ said I was a racist old white man mansplaining to women and that I shouldn’t be supported!

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      • Jesus, that’s a bit extreme … I wonder how secure and comfortable a “friendship” was it? Feck’s sake, surely the whole point of a man writing a blog is for him to mansplain away, to men or women!!! Old, she said you were? As well as racist … I’m beyond salvation, altogether!!!


      • Yep, we’re both screwed! 🙂

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