Rocking, rolling, writing, all bound for …. Gormanston!!??!!

cof“There’s no use in being a gobshite if you don’t show it”.

My old dad was a great man for the sayings, and this one had always particularly tickled me. I do try not to use it too often.

It flashed across my brain one day last week, however, like those red ticker tape words darting over and back across those electronic information signs in railway stations, when I took the train from Rush to nearby Balbriggan.

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What’s the story?

Look at the photograph above. Where is the young boy in blue going? is he happy, sad? Is he talking to the woman, who appears to be reading something. Is she ignoring him?  Maybe he’s talking to the girl in the foreground, and she’s answering. Maybe giving him a mouthful.  What do you think?

I would be curious except it’s me who took this picture. It’s my son and daughter and my wife on our holiday in Vilanova, Spain, last year. I know it’s a poor photograph but I just love the colours and grainy, almost impressionistic feel. Or maybe it’s like a frame in a graphic novel. My family are characters in that frame, stuck in a moment. Characters in a story.

That’s what this blog is about for me.  Telling stories. Hoping they will be read.