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Do you want to boost sales of your product or service?


Of course you do — especially when you are offering such a great product or service.

Another question: are enough people actually aware of what you are selling, and why, with all the choices they have, they should choose your brand?

In other words, you are presenting customers with a clear value proposition, ie a statement of the value your goods or services will deliver to them, and which outstrips that of your competitors.

Quality content writers boost sales

Do you know who your customers are, are you using the right voice and tone to reach the persona of your ideal customer?

In other words, are you getting your message out there clearly and convincingly to customers, existing or potential?  

Have you been using Facebook, Twitter, or any of the many digital media channels available to reach those customers?

Are you tweaking your message to suit the different target audience each of these channels represents? 

If the answers to these questions are no, it sounds like you need a good content writer. Like me.

I will increase your website traffic and conversion rate

You have a business website, but is it attracting enough traffic? You can measure this, using Google analytics for example, and find out exactly what you need to do to greatly increase traffic and boost your brand.

Good content that is easy to find leads to conversion, ie the reader clicks those button you have subtly directed them to click, and the ultimate one marked “buy”.

Website architecture

Your site must be attractive, well laid out, and easy for the visitor to use. Your calls to action to the reader must also be clear. It must also work well on all the digital platforms we use today, especially mobile phones, now the most common internet source for 80% of people.

Still not interested?

Maybe it is because you are a bit overwhelmed by all this talk of Google searches, SEO, keywords, content marketing …. the whole social media thing, which has become so important for anyone selling anything today.

Crucial actually.

The digital marketing revolution has already happened, so you had better embrace it: use it to get your message out there better, faster and to much more people. Without necessarily spending a fortune.

Or get someone to do all this for you. Someone who can write good content promoting your goods or services, but also has the technical expertise to make this content easy for Google — and hence customers — to find.

Words have power.

Search Engine Optimization

Content writing involves delivering the right search engine optimised (SEO) keywords and headings contained in that content, while making it all look natural. Just like the actor hitting all his technical marks on set for the camera while delivering his lines makes it look natural.

It’s strong content mixed with judicious use of Google’s AdWords service, which helps you to reach customers locally or globally at surprisingly affordable rates.

That’s just for starters: a good content writer knows to engage first, get the client interested and open to persuasion, hooked, before looking for the sale.

Words have power

Call to action

Cool websites and high-definition graphics might catch a prospective customer’s eye but it’s the engaging, persuasive, SEO-rich words on the landing page or Home page that will actually seal the deal. Sooner or later.

These words will pique his interest, compel him to take further action,  — or they will send him clicking into a rival’s website. Gone. 

Good content writing can be the difference between building bridges and burning them. Between difference and indifference. Between converting a customer and losing him.

Words have power.

That’s why you should hire me.

My job is to help you to tell your story

You tell and then you sell.

A successful business website keeps existing customers in the loop with meticulously curated and updated news and content. Keeps you high up that all-important Google search rating.

My words have power.

My call to action to you now is to contact me — see my contact details below.

I free you do what you do best: run your business

What I offer

  • Content that focuses on what your customers are buying.

  • SEO-rich content that is fresh, resonates with a clearly defined audience, grabs their attention — and works to keep it.

Other services I provide

—  General editing

I am skilled in editing copy to the required length, proofreading for grammatical errors, maintaining consistency of tone, cutting superfluous words and making it look good too. I can edit articles, essays for college or business, fiction/non-fiction. Comprehensively, sympathetically and quickly.

— Newsletters

I write and produce newsletters, flyers, and leaflets. I also do business proposals, letters and emails

— Research

I compile White Papers, ie reports that explain the origins and impact of a problem and explore how it might be resolved.

— Social media posts

Blogging, Tweets and Facebook updates

About me

I worked as a copy editor with the Irish Times for 15 years. Before that I was a sub-editor with the Irish Press and a freelance feature writer. I have written many newspaper articles, which you can browse elsewhere on this site

I have moved into content writing as I have embraced the exciting digital marketing challenge — and from my own home office. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Contact me

Phone (085)7112762/



Twitter: @endas1896

(Author and copywriter Amanda J Evan interviewed me for her blog in January 2017: