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A Quik introduction:

Do you want to boost sales of your product or service?

Of course you do — especially when you have put your heart and soul into developing it.

But are enough people actually aware of  your brand, and why, with all the choices they have, they should choose your one? This is where I come in.

Quality content writers boost sales

Cool website graphics and interfaces might catch a prospect’s eye but it’s the engaging, persuasive and SEO (Search Engine Optimized) words on the page that will actually seal the deal. Or lose it.

I will increase your website traffic and conversion rate

Clear, compelling and creative content that is also easy to find, ie search engine-friendly, leads to conversion, ie the reader clicks those buttons on your landing page — the ones I will have directed them to. This is why my content writing motto is Words Have Power.

I can help you tailor your message to suit the different target audiences that use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the various digital platforms. 

My (SEO) words have power

Maybe you would prefer to take precious time out  to do all this yourself, or you could focus on your actual product and let me give it the promotion it deserves.

Good content writing can be the difference between building bridges and burning them. Between difference and indifference. Between converting a customer and losing him. Words have power.

My job is to help you to tell your business story

You tell and then you sell.

A successful business website keeps existing customers in the loop with meticulously curated and updated news and content. Keeps you high up that all-important Google search rating.

My words have power.

I free you do what you do best: run your business

Other services I provide

—  General editing

I am skilled in editing copy to the required length, proofreading for grammatical errors, maintaining consistency of tone, and making it read better. I can edit articles, essays for college or business, fiction/non-fiction.

— Newsletters

I write and produce newsletters, flyers, and leaflets.

— Research

I compile and write reports that explain the origins and impact of a problem and explore how it might be resolved.

— Social media posts

Blogging, Tweets and Facebook updates

About me


I worked as a copy editor with the Irish Times for 15 years. Before that I was a sub-editor with the Irish Press and a freelance feature writer. I have written many newspaper articles, which you can browse elsewhere on this site.

My job was to read, correct and rewrite the work of others, and top it off with accurate, catchy headlines and captions. Constantly honing the work of others with my editor’s scalpel has also served to sharpen my own pen.

I learned how to tailor content to suit different audiences. Which I continue to do as a content writer.

Content is still king, even in this digital age of search engine optimization, HTML tags, Google analytics and multi-platform content. That’s why my motto is: words have power.

You have to know your audience and how to reach different market segments. That is why in order to upskill, I recently completed a diploma course in digital marketing with my Local Enterprise Office branch in Swords, Co Dublin

Please check out my website/blog,, to get a better idea of the range and quality of my writing.

To find out more please check out:

Give me a call at: 085 7112762; mail me at; and my twitter handle is @endas1896

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Twitter: @endas1896

(Author and copywriter Amanda J Evan interviewed me for her blog in January 2017: