I’m A Nonentity, Get Me Out Of This Parenting Jungle …


I’ve just told Ant and Dec about my Parenting Plus course …

Okay, I do have a topic, and it’s very much parenting-related … but I’m just in the door and I’m fuming about something else entirely.

What, you ask? Well, you encounter something in human behaviour you hadn’t noticed before and you think, hmm, that’s a bit off; it happens again and you wonder, was it always like this and I just wasn’t paying attention?; you see it yet again and now and it’s obvious: the gates of civilisation are down and the barbarians are inside. Trump is only the worst of it …

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The King of the Castle goes down


“Walla, Walla, Walla!”

I have no idea where this chant has come from and what it even means. I am just bellowing and bawling it out, as loudly and as far as my nine-year-old voice can reach. My mouth is stretched wide, wide as a cave, and my is neck arched upwards and my vocal cords are burning with the effort.

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