Roll back those clouds and let the sunshine in

It’s just so good to bathe in the luminescence of being

sun-rays-coming-out-of-the-cloud-1Don’t you just love those moments when the dark clouds you took for granted roll back and your whole world lights up? It’s like someone, somewhere, has turned up the dimmer switch to the max and everything, everywhere, is brighter, clearer, kinder. Lead, kindly light, indeed.  

You were lying face up on your bed in your overcast room with your troubled eyes closed but fluttering. Pandering to the voices of doubt in your head, picking at your own faults and poking at all your failings. Dulled and disillusioned.

Your eyelids feel it first, the intense burst of light that transfigures the rectangular window frame. The burnished walls no longer enclose you  and the whole room is aglow. Mr Brightside is here — and he’s me!

You feel better, about the world, and about yourself. Your mood is transformed. A weight has been, if not lifted, then shifted along. The second-guessing and the self-depredation have quietened, and all is still. It’s the light you notice now, not the clouds. You can see properly.

It’s just so good to tilt your face and your spirit to this nurturing light. To bathe in this luminescence of being.  

Better not to spoil these golden moments waiting for the dark clouds to roll back again. Or fail to appreciate them when they are happening and don’t take the time to bask in their restorative rays. Yes, the clouds will be back, but not just yet.

— Enda Sheppard

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