Roll back those dark clouds and let the sun shine in

To those moments when melancholy lifts and your whole world lights up ...

Don’t you just love those moments when the dark clouds you thought were there to stay just roll back and your whole world lights up?

It’s like someone, somewhere, has turned up the dimmer switch and everything, everywhere, is brighter, clearer, kinder. Lighter.

There you are, face up on your bed in your overcast room with your eyes closed but fluttering. Pandering to the voices of doubt in your head, picking at your faults and poking at your failings. Dulled and disillusioned.

Your eyelids feel it first, the intense burst of light that transfigures the rectangular window frame. The burnished walls no longer enclose you and the whole room is aglow. Mr Bright Side is here — and he’s me!

You feel better, about the world, about yourself. A weight has been, if not lifted, then at least shifted.

All is still. It’s the light you notice now, not the clouds. You can see what is really there.

It’s just so good to tilt your face and your spirit to this nurturing light. To bathe in this luminescence of being.

Better not spoil these golden moments waiting for the dark clouds to roll back again. Or fail to appreciate them now they are happening, and just bask in their restorative rays.

Yes, those clouds will be back, that’s life. They come and they go. And that’s okay. You’re okay.

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2 comments on “Roll back those dark clouds and let the sun shine in

  1. Daydreamer mum

    Oh I love this one !! The dark clouds will always come around but you’ve really got to take advantage when they clear off for a bit. Your writing is always so calming to read , you’ve such a peaceful tone if that’s not a total tosspottery thing to say !!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks so much Kelly … I wish to whoever I was calm and serene — well some of the time — but things or feelings like this that I try to describe are often fleeting moments, fermented and distilled through my writing about them so they can linger a little longer .. if that’s not a total tosspottery way to out it! Lol


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