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Radio Daze

The Wireless Voices are coming at me, irradiating my precious thinking space …

Naaaahhh … it’s no use, I just can’t do it …

Can’t write that laconic little blog piece I was composing in snatches yesterday, in splendid, if also occasionally worried isolation.

Not with the radio on in the kitchen now …

Talk Radio!

With your host, Ryan Tubridy …

Tubs, or someone, telling me Edwina Currie will be on a later programme, plummily lauding her lordly leader Boris, no doubt.

Look, I do hope Bojo gets over the virus, but do I give the smallest feck about her thoughts … on anything!

edwina currie
Egging on Edwina

I’m too irked now to just waft upstairs to my little office eyrie, exercising my typing fingers as I go, like some performer pianist, one last flex of those freed-up digits before I hit that existential jazz keyboard, man! …

And bash out the latest whimsical despatch from My So-Called Covid-19 Bunker Life.

Which had no Talk Radio in it.

See, my wife is not working in her job today, and she loves the radio.

All that talking.

Talking, talking, TALKING!!!

These days, of course, it’s pandemic this … lockdown that … coronavirus the other …

Too much talking.

Yesterday, I just pottered around in my own head, as I cleaned up, weeded, and made pasta lunches — oh, and worked a shift with the newspaper from this same desk —  and there was the bantering with O about some funny football thing on his phone as he showed off that round the world juggling move he has finally mastered 

And the arguing with K about the mess — mine, allegedly — in the kitchen… even if I can see she is trying so hard with her beautifully stylised hair-do, and well-scrubbed prettiness, and the windows she has left open, to the air, to the light, to life …

She is anxious too, I know that … or I know it when I stop huffing about and reflect a bit.

And there I was taking five out there in the glorious sun-lit garden, basking, coffee in hand, leaning back in that big old blue wooden bench, caressing Lily the dog’s shiny black, snuggly head, and concocting away as the finches and the thrushes darted in and out of the burgeoning clematis buds, and the wafting breeze caressed my cheeks, and the leaves rustled and the tulips swayed …

The braying  know-it-alls — ‘How dare you speak while I’m interrupting’ — ranters and chancers …

Now I’m here, at my computer, and those Radio Voices are reverberating up through the carpeted floor …

No escaping the murmur of mummified voices lecturing, posturing, fulminating, pontificating, wisping up through the floorboards …

Coming for me …  irradiating my precious, nay vital, thinking space …


I’ll have a shower … get back to it …

But even under the reviving watery cascade, as I scrub my fingers into my shampooed scalp and my rancour, I fancy I can still hear them.

The Radio Heads.

The braying  know-it-alls — ‘How dare you speak while I’m interrupting’ — ranters and chancers …

Yes, the everyday heroes and the frontline workers are on the radio too…

And the cheerful Joe Wicks work-out brigade, and all those can-do good ‘uns …

I know, I know …

It’s not you, it’s me …

Now I’m all clean and fresh after my ablutions … and they’re still bugging me.

They are all bugging me now … the kids have stirred, and the football is being kicked in the kitchen, Netflix is on, even in the bathroom … oh, K!

But I just want my coronavirus neat, no ice, no associate professor of Neo-Liberal Progressive Covid Strategies Theory from Never Heard Of It College in Oxford, like on Sky News …

I’m hearing the neighbours next door in their garden, their chirping girls belting a tennis ball around the grass with two hurleys… and their annoying dog, yapping away …

I know all this says way more about me …

Losing it, going Covid-crazy!

But I just want my coronavirus neat, no ice, no associate professor of Neo-Liberal Progressive Covid Strategies Theory from Never Heard Of It College in Oxford, like on Sky News …

I just want today’s Covid War results, from our own chief medical officer in Ireland, Tony Holohan, and the follow-up consultation from Sincere Simon Harris, our own little 33-year-old Dickensian Health Minister … telling us what steps we have to take, how yesterday’s ones are working, and what steps we might take tomorrow.

tony Holohan
Tell-it-like-it-is Tony Holohan

That’s all I want …

I can whip up my own gruesome speculations, or spin up some uplifting we’ll get through this reassurances all by myself, thank you all!

Standing in the kitchen earlier I was only getting annoyed, listening to a news story about the hordes of well-to-do bastards driving off to their holiday homes in beauty spots around Ireland for Easter.

After being told not to move beyond a two-kilometre radius around their real homes by Sincere Simon and No-Crap Tony.

And then some police big wig comes on, saying sterner measures might be called for, to enforce the lockdown.

“Well do it, don’t just say it,” I’m silently shouting at Officer Big Wig now …

‘Meet them off the ferries, cut them down, I mean off, outside your Dingle, and your Spiddal, and your other beauteous hot spots, and send them back … arrest them, fine them, lock them up …’

So I’m full-on fascist now, cursing these entitled so-and-sos and their four-wheel-drive through decency and past the rules that only apply to the little people …

This is more the reason why I don’t like Talk Radio …

It brings out the daft Man Shouting At The Radio thing in me…

And then the talking stops, and they’re playing John Prine’s Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness on the wireless wonder box — and I’m transfixed.

The great man has passed away overnight.

“It’s a mighty mean and a dreadful sorrow

It’s crossed the evil line today …”

Have to listen one more time to Prine’s wonderful good ol’ country drawl over Philip Donnelly’s plaintive electric guitar …

What a monumental loss …

Like I say I’m not a radio person.

Certainly not Talk Radio.

Certainly not first thing.

What in the world comes over me?

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31 comments on “Radio Daze

  1. Hi. Your nerves are pretty frayed. So are mine and those of countless millions of others. These are distressing times. Take care.

    Neil Scheinin

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am a big fan of the radio, and it’s mostly on.
    And trust me, most of the programmes have something to do with the pandemic.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. They’re taking a hard line approach here, issuing fines for people breaking the rules. Still doesn’t stop people from thinking they’re above it. I’ve had to stop watching the news, my blood pressure was too high from yelling at the TV !

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m kind of avoiding it too … sticking to the factual stuff … just something catches my eye now and again and sets me off, hehe!


    • I know how you feel … the idiots everywhere … went supermarket shopping yesterday and the number of shoppers encroaching … aaargh!


  4. I’m doing my best to avoid radio and tv news. It’s much easier when you live on your own! The newspaper is scary enough: I don’t need anything more than that, especially if it involves Edwina Currie. I thought she wasn’t allowed out in daylight hours anyway, which would explain her complete absence from the media here.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. And this is why I never have a radio or the TV on during the day. Too much information, too many loud voices, too much ignorance. Give me peace and quiet any day. I like to stay generally up to date with what’s happening, but if I can’t change it then I don’t need to stress over it. We’re well and truly locked down in Australia – no travel to holiday homes, no travel interstate (or between zones within our own State). Staying home, staying calm, and choosing my attitude – our kids aren’t home, my husband is quietly going about his life upstairs……I actually like this wonderful window of the world shutting down for a while. I hope you find your peaceful place soon and the creative juices can begin to flow again.
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Leanne … I do avoid that stuff largely … but it is evident people are stressing more, and I see a lot of youngsters being lax on the social distancing


  6. I never listen to any talk shows on the radio but can imagine they are pretty horrific right now! Only one subject in the world that people are talking about yet none of us want to hear it. Can’t wait until this is all over. Thanks for linking up for #KCACOLS


    • Me neither, Steve. I try my best to avoid All-Talk Radio, but unfortunately our house obeys democratic rules!😀


  7. I have to be in the mood for talk radio.
    Or even podcasts sometimes now.
    Seems like my kids are always fighting about which podcast to listen to and all I want is silence


    Liked by 1 person

    • I actually love podcasts, or at least I used to listen to a lot … at least you choose your people. Like you, I prefer silence mostly … or music!


  8. We are all dealing with it in our own ways. I’m not one for listening to people talk on and on and the other half prefers his music. The television gets turned off when we’ve heard enough. The kids love their screens though so they are finding their own way of coping. The sunshine helps, a little. But I can see why some want to use it an excuse to escape somewhere else. The garden it has to be if you have one, or a little walk…but as for holidays and caravans…I can’t believe some people!

    Liked by 1 person

    • We can’t either … I guess these things bring out the bad as well as the good, but these are not stupid, well not academically stupid, people and put their desires before everyone else’s needs! Of course it’s not great to be stuck in one place, but, really!


  9. I love to have the radio on while in the house, although most of what comes out of it go straight over my head. If you asked me what I’d be listening to, I probably have absolutely no idea.

    I’m not a fan of a quite or silent house, especially when alone. It makes me feel like I’m all alone in the world, and I start hearing various creeks and noises and start frightening myself that someone (or something else) who shouldn’t be here is in the house with me is out to get me. I start seeing myself in a lead role of a horror movie, the types where the silly person goes down a dark cellar or opens up a wardrobe because some strange noise is coming from there.

    The sooner they start fining the idiots who think they’re above all the lockdown rules, the better. We need some examples of people being fined so that those who are thinking of going out to try and socialise or go to their second homes will think twice before doing so.

    Stay safe.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Hugh, I love your creepy, creaky house with no radio on riff, but we will have to agree to differ … I just get annoyed by talk radio … the same people on … I love an interesting item like anyone, just not the opinion makers and shapers … stay safe you too

      Liked by 1 person

  10. I don’t listen to talk radio. Here in the US, it is the realm of self-righteous ultra-conservatives. I had to turn the TV off and stop listening to the news nonstop too. 10 minutes is enough to give me an idea of how the battle against COVID-19 is going. Sitting outdoors in the spring sunshine is much more productive. Look at the bright side, Enda – you don’t have to listen to Donald Trump blather on every day at 5:00 as we do here in the States. 🙂


  11. I too have taken a dislike to TV & Radio. I know how bad it is out there at the moment, i just don’t need to hear about all day, everyday. #KCACOLS


  12. Your reaction to Talk Radio sounds quite similar to me – I end up getting ranty and wound-up by it too. Lots of music and little talking works well for me although not first thing either. I’m with you on liking my news in short official chunks – just the daily update is enough. Too easy to get overwhelmed at the moment with the news. Sad news about John Prine. #WotW


  13. Christie Hawkes

    I’m trying to restrict myself to just the facts and stay away from the pontificating, but it’s everywhere. Of course, if it’s me doing the talking, that’s another thing altogether… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Of course, when werer doing the talking it’s different, Christie! But then we’re not clogging the airwaves,


  14. I have had to set limits on how much news I watch and listen to as well as what form of media I get it from. Like you, I want my pandemic nice and neat!

    Liked by 1 person

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