SuperTrump — Breakdown In America

Not much of a president ... he's the only one they got

Donald Trump.

Strong, strong feelings when you hear that name, see him on your TV, right?

Can’t look away, though, can you?

How the hell did he happen?

Where will it all end?

And most perplexing of all, what does it say about the country that elected him!

Millions and millions of people looking for leadership from such an obvious narcissist who couldn’t possibly care about them.

Answers on a postcard — even if he’ll declare postal fraud anyway!

There is a real danger he will be re-elected too: somehow the Democrats have contrived to again choose a presidential candidate who besides being way too old for the job, reeks of insider privilege and removal from the everyday worries of Americans who have spectacularly missed out on the American dream.

Even as they reason they are still living in the best goddamn country in the world – or they would be if only the good ol’ white boys were allowed to run the show properly.

Or those leftie liberals stopped their whinin’ and left Trump get on with it.

Many more Americans than will publicly admit it identify somehow with a filthy rich, tell-it-like it-isn’t, self-serving boor and bully.

Like the snake-oil salesman he is, Trump knows his crowd, and sets about offending women, liberals, ethnic minorities, and the intellectually disabled: they are not the ones who voted for him the last time.

There he was speaking on the White House balcony the other day, coming on like some some kind of Bible Belt fundamentalist. 

Working the crowd.

Wearing the mask now, even though he beat that coronavirius loser. 

He’s immune now, so the mask is to protect the virus.


I felt a cold sweat of revulsion and recognition … and, yes, dammit, fear … Hitler and Mussolini addressed similarly glassy-eyed followers from similar balconies.

But my eyes were on cartoon stalks as he pouted and postured and preened — and that camp pursing of the lips thing he does … rapping and riffing away in that off the cuff, self-entranced way of his.

So serious about it all. Smiling, yes, but utterly lacking in humour.

I don’t know about you but I find people lacking in humour kind of scary.

In work, they’re usually either bosses or best avoided.

Toxic people, some would call them.

Humour soothes our peevish little ids, and keeps our ridiculous egos in check.

Gives us good old-fashioned cop-on, or perspective.

You’re blowing it out your ass, pumped on your own bullshit, when a wiser person, or your inner critic, interjects: “Would you ever catch yourself on!”

And you’re back to your so-called normal.

But when there’s no-one there you respect to tell you to catch yourself on, and you have no humour or insight, then all bets are off.

And you are in a position of power?

Light those gas ovens!

Sure what the hell do you need insight for when you are the most powerful man on the planet?

News you don’t like is fake.  

Bankruptcy? Schmanckrupcy!

Grab women any way you want them.

Mock the afflicted, and they still vote for you!

Dodge the draft and call out those military losers …

And they still love you!

Or enough of them do … the rest are losers!

Call out those lefties and loonies, call up the National Guard to storm those rioting blacks, lean on them till they can’t breathe anymore … 

Love Russia. Blame China. Trade in childish epithets. Like ’Joe Biden is a loser’ (na na na na nana and blow a raspberry in your magnificent head)

And enough people will buy what you’re selling so you can do this again …

Trump is so real, he seems like a dream.

Except we’re not sure we will come out of this one.

Come back elegant, swellegant Obama, so charming and eloquent … okay, his time was up … but Joe Biden?

Saw him the other day, walking and talking like the paunchy granddad he is … and he breaks into this fake trot for the cameras, to show us he’s still got it!

 Joe Biden!

Will be 78 STARTING out as president — if he gets in …

And it’s no largely ceremonial job like our own Irish presidency, so we can enjoy cuddly old Michael D Higgins up in the Big House In The Park.

Running for it … Joe Biden

Joe is like the old uncle at a wedding about to hit the dance floor … and he catches himself on …

 Heads for that comfy armchair and calls for a nightcap before retiring …

Gotta be up in the morning dealing with world trade delegations and taking advice about nuke options — and can’t even work the TV remote …

Come on America: wake up!

Catch yourselves on!

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17 comments on “SuperTrump — Breakdown In America

  1. I’m in Canada watching across the border. I dislike both…and I’m deliriously happy I don’t have to vote in the American elections on November 3. I wonder how Kanye will fare… ? (omg) 🙂

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  2. I’m in Canada hoping for a good outcome across the border next month.

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  3. Trump is totally despicable. Trump is an enemy of democracy. That’s why it’s imperative that Biden wins.

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  4. I can’t believe there’s two terrible choices that US voters have to vote for. Their vice president selections would be a vast improvement. Trumps theatricals when he was hospitalised with Covid show just how dangerous he is, and how little he cares for his people. I so want him gone but I fear he’ll be back in for another term. God help us

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    • It really is beyond unbelievable that he might win again. And the fact that he so obviously cares less about his people, and yet they believe in him. What is wrong with so many Americans?


  5. I’m so glad I don’t have to make that choice right now. Sadly, the choice made will affect the world. Wonderfully put though Enda.

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  6. I(From Pennsylvania, USA) I wish the Dems who were running had not dropped out so early. I will vote in person. I wonder how many people dare to expose themselves to opinions from people in other countries or see beyond our own wants and needs. Thank you for sharing. And a question Enda, what does “Catching yourself on” mean? I can hazard a guess from context but I am a dictionary girl, I like definitions. I think they help prevent misunderstandings. Best and blessings, Michele

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    • Hehe, Hi Michele. It is a colloquialism … means to “lighten up, get a grip (on reality),” that kind of thing! I really don’t understand that whole business about the postal votes. Surely a US president can’t impugn a whole workforce and national company?

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  7. Pradeep

    I am closely following the runup to Nov 3, like always I do every four years.
    Because of the peculiar way the American election system is structured, there is a good possibility that Trump will be back. You are right in saying that Democrats have failed to pick a better candidate.
    And we know what the Trump presidency is.
    However, what I am actually worried about is the fallout of a Trump defeat. Not in terms of Biden’s policies but the possible reluctance of Trump and his supporters to accept the outcome of the poll. Would they take it sportingly? The prospects of a long-drawn-out court battle and, worse, emotions playing out on the streets.
    ( My latest post: Celebration time for quintuplet family )


    • Hi Pradeep, good to hear from you. I agree about the weird structure of the American voting system, whereby one can win the “popular” vote and still lose the election. Trump is more than an aberration, he is indeed like another virus form that has infected American society and politics. Imagine looking to Joe Biden as the panacea! I’m sure not a bad man, but nio major plus for America or mankind. I still want hi to win though!


  8. Ha! Loved how you did the whole Supertramp thing!
    I have thought exactly what you wrote – what does it say about a country that would elect Trump? Not one where I feel like I belong.
    Here’s wishing Uncle Joe the best of luck tomorrow. Stories of him being weak and doddering are way overblown. I live in one of the critical swing states and I decided to cast my vote in person. I don’t want to take a chance on my vote not counting if the Trumpsters throw out all the mail-in ballots.


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