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In The Light Garden

Ode To My Clematis Petal Dancing In The Breeze

Serendipity Dog!

I have just been out in our back garden.

On this bright and airy morning, coffee mug in hand, sitting on the corner of our expensively wasteful, but guiltily gorgeous, chipped art deco table, which serves now as a bower for a burlesque of flowers and sun-turned shrubs.

The art deco table,, and my corner spot

The humming village just beyond and its life mundane are muffled by leaf and flower …

It’s a hard and scary thing to want to capture the beauty of as simple and as profound an experience as 10 minutes sitting in a little suburban garden on a sunny morning,

Sure isn’t it scary to write about anything that moves you, that touches something so deep that you want to shout about it … and you’re immediately afraid your words will fail you and you won’t do justice either to the experience or to your ambitions …

So you must quell that voice and do it anyway

Like now …

Shimmering sun, shifting shadow and whispering wind blend into this balmy interlude.

The sky is blue and clear of clouding gloom.

Time has slowed and wallows in this early morning corner of my low-set table.

I am just another variegation in this small but intensely dense enclosed cornucopia of pulsing leaf, shimmering tree and bursting bloom and blossom. 

The view from my table spot….

This is the first part of the garden to catch fire on a sunny day, and this is the perfect spot for this perfect time …

Cuckoo, cocoon!

Adrift I am in garden heaven, and languid bird calls near and far, from pretty fluting whistle to raucous caw, and that bird that makes that intriguing dranging nose, like a telephone wire reverberating.

But … serendipity?

Well, when I came in from my 10-minute idyll in this gently breathing corner of the Rainforest, and tapped into Twitter, what awaited me only a tweet serenading me with this little beauty: 


  Not   wholly   in   the   busy   world,   nor   quite  

  Beyond   it,   blooms   the   garden   that   I   love.  

  News   from   the   humming   city   comes   to   it  

  In   sound   of   funeral   or   of   marriage   bells;  

  And,   sitting   muffled   in   dark   leaves,   you   hear  

  The   windy   clanging   of   the   minster   clock;  

  Although   between   it   and   the   garden   lies  

  A   league   of   grass,   wash’d   by   a   slow   broad   stream,  

  That,   stirr’d   with   languid   pulses   of   the   oar,  

  Waves   all   its   lazy   lilies,   and   creeps   on,  

  Barge-laden,   to   three   arches   of   a   bridge  

  Crown’d   with   the   minster-towers.  

  — Alfred   Lord   Tennyson  

 Thanks, Maria!

Gorgeous, eh?

Truth is these captured moments in my garden have been more important than ever in these troubled Covid times.

One of the huge upsides of the pandemic for many has of course been the no commuting.

Not alone has it saved money, time and effort, it’s also such a simple pleasure to step away from my work desk every now and again and pop out into the garden.

It was really brought home to me the other day when I had to go into town to my old newspaper office to collect a new monitor.

First of all, there was the dead time waiting for the bus ….

I don’t miss that!

The work building itself is in a pretty drab part of the city anyway, on a normally jittery street, but now footsteps echoed individual and forlorn, and the office, once alive with activity and chatter, felt so empty and bleakly dishevelled.

I couldn’t wait to get home.

And into the garden.

One of the many things I love about our garden is it is at once familiar and ever-evolving.

Something new to notice every day.

Like this purple clematis which has just bloomed, and the rose beside which is about to open

And we’ve just noticed our beautiful laburnum tree has flowered again, after failing to do so for the last two years!

Just this morning I became entranced by a dangling clematis petal that performed the most exquisite pirouettes, a last dance, before fluttering down to it’s decking board death.

Our Laburnum …

To lay there among the other departed Clematis Montana petals, like confetti after a wedding.

You could barely make out the gossamer thread that held it suspended while it performed this final, death-defying act. A requiem for itself.

I have tried to tag my little 20-second video here, but I don’t know if I succeeded.

I hope I have.

It reminds me of that famous scene in the film American Beauty where a plastic bag dances in the breeze.

  ‘Not   wholly   in   the   busy   world,   nor   quite  

  Beyond   it,   blooms   the   garden   that   I   love’.  

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21 comments on “In The Light Garden

  1. I can see why the clematis petal attracted you – it’s rather lovely, isn’t it 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Coffee in the garden on a beautiful day. As they say, little things can mean a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Video worked fine and well worth a viewing. A good read.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What a lovely sounding morning. You have described it so well. It has been nice to spend more time in the garden during the pandemic. It has been a safe place when the outside world seemed scary x

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Your words did not fail you Enda, you captured your garden bliss beautifully. This is what I long for, a little garden full of flowers and moments that can take you away to wherever you wish. So long as it’s not an empty office building. #wotw

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Anne. Yes, it really is something to sit in the garden … it’s only a small suburban garden, but we blew a few bob to get t landscaped maybe 10 years ago, and it has paid off in spades. Pity Irish weather is so unpredictable, though!!


  6. Your corner spot is very pretty with all those lovely flowers. I’m envious of your blue skies and sunshine – we’ve had very little sunshine here. It is lovely to spend time in the garden and recharge – and I’m with you that it’s felt even more important over the last year. I love the little video clip of the clematis petal – I can see why you were entranced watching it. #WotW


  7. So beautifully written. You have the best spot there too.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Your beautiful day sounds a lot like Poetry This was a great post I was out in my garden today as well and was spellbound by a spider for over half an hour. Who needs TV
    Laugh Now! You can be crabby anytime


  9. Isn’t it just profound how this pandemic made us pause and actually appreciate the simplest of things. Your garden is so lush and with it being Spring in the UK, I am sure you spend a great amount of quality time in that space.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I never take time to sit in the garden. Hayfever stops it but I would love that time alone for a bit. I haven’t had to do the commute into the office for a few years. I don’t like it when I have to. I feel for all my workmates when they have to go back into the office after being at home for so long #WotW

    Liked by 1 person

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