Side Lines

Looking On As Your Kids Get On With The Game ...

Standing on the sidelines

Without any guidelines

While it all goes on around me

And one day, beyond me …

They’re over the white line

The devastating fault line

Between my me and their’s 



Carrying coats and memories

Good interpretations

At bad moments

Might as well be wrong ones

For now

But are they so wrong,

I don’t actually know

Standing on the side … lines

Seeing things maybe never there

Anticipating what I cannot


But still must accept

Not about me, though, is it?

Selfish and selfless never so close …

Standing on these sidelines



Little power

Or sway

Play the backing role …

Isn’t that a good thing …

Our rules but their game …

In full swing …

And I’m here ..

Always near…

All my fault lines

Were there ever any guidelines?

Just default lines

Standing on the sidelines

3 comments on “Side Lines

  1. michael morris

    Excellent, Enda. Keep it up. Regards, Michael

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Our rules, but their game… nice

    Liked by 1 person

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